Our Favorites for Nappies 2022

First… YAY! e-worc is a finalist in the 2022 Nappie Awards for Best Website Developer. I guess we should start with “What’s a Nappie”? If you’re not from around here… meaning the Mobile and Baldwin County areas of South Alabama, you may not be familiar. We have a local newspaper. It’s called the Lagniappe and every year they host a Reader’s Choice contest for “the best” in a diverse and wide list of categories. It’s also a brilliant marketing strategy as they drive a lot of local (and not so local) traffic to their website, social media, and print publication utilizing the energy and resources of the nominees. You can even run an ad to encourage voters on their properties. Like I said, it’s pretty brilliant.

So how do you vote in the Nappie Awards? Starting May 4 at NOON and running through Sunday, May 29 at MIDNIGHT, You can vote for all of your favorite finalists once per day per category at www.votenappies.com. The insider scoop is you can vote once with each email address that you possess.

This year, e-worc is a nominee for the Best Website Developer category. That’s the one and only category we are represented in and since that’s what we like to do and what we do best, we’re ok with that. However, we do have favorites for the 2022 Nappies. Some are friends, some are clients, some are just really great at what they do.


Best Museum
GulfQuest National Maritime Museum 

Best Filmmaker 
Michael O’Sullivan 


Best Doctor 
Dr. Elizabeth Mathison

Best “Doc In The Box” Clinic
Eastern Shore Urgent Care

Best Hooha Doctor
Dr. Amy McCoy, Bay Area Physicians for Women

Best Dental Practice
Maitre & Crabtree Dental Group

Best Dentist – Mobile 
Dr. Forrest Crabtree or Dr. Ship Maitre (Player’s Choice but pick one and stick with it) 

Best Cosmetic Dentist
Maitre & Crabtree Dental Group 


Best Local Company to Work for (Under 50 employees) 
Crowder Gulf Disaster Recovery 

Best Local Company to Work for (Over 50 employees) 
Alabama Shipyard, LLC 


Best overall Restaurant
NoJa (I recommend the duck and the ginger donut)

Best Atmosphere 
Serda’s Coffee Company 

Best Innovative Menu

Best Server
Alan at Serda’s Coffee Company 

Best Beer Selection – Retail 
Piggly Wiggly (that’s right… THE PIG! Have you been to one of their wine tastings?)

Best Coffee House
Serda’s Coffee Company (only place in town with Sugar Free Amaretto – a personal favorite)


Favorite Local Website / Blog
Mobile Rundown (Brooks has this thing figured out)

Best Local social Media Influencer 
Jason Valentine, MobTown Memes

Best Website Developer 
>>>> e-worc <<<< (I could make it blink but I won’t)

Best Marketing / Events Company 
Oyster Shell Strategy 

Best Videographer / Video Company 
Motivation Media (<<< These guys really are the best)  


Best Realtor – Residential 
Whitney Ferguson 

Best Commercial Realtor 
JC Smith 

Best Mortgage Broker / Firm 
Mission 1st Mortgage (Sadie Approved)

Best Car Wash
Rich’s Car Wash 

Best Dry Cleaners 
Jaguar Cleaners 

Now put it on your calendar to go vote every day! It’s your civic duty!