January 30, 2019

The Crew


Boss Lady
Michelle is the strategic and social Boss Lady of e-worc Web & New Media. You’ll sometimes see her at client meetings, strategizing their next big moves, ordering new office equipment, picking up coffee and generally just getting IT DONE! She considers herself lucky in that she’s living her dream of working with great clients and having an amazing staff, doing fun things and helping people succeed. She likes to sip on a glass of cabernet or knock back a Kentucky Mule during happy hour while preaching the lifestyle concept of “Control what you can. Manage what you can’t.”


Chaos Manager

Amber is the hilarious, extroverted and sarcastic Chaos Manager of e-worc Web & New Media. She makes sure that clients are happy and that there aren’t any lingering fires at the end of the day. She is not afraid to admit that she loves to belt out Disney songs in the shower with great fervor. Some of the most important things in her life are God, her family, her friends, and her pups. If she could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be on a cruise to just about anywhere.


Graphical Magician

Justyn is the cheerful, curious, and intuitive Graphical Magician of e-worc Web & New Media. He prides himself in his magical mastery of layout, graphics, email management, and design. Some of his hobbies include making analytical spreadsheets for every facet of his life – usually for the sake of productivity while ironically at the expense of productivity. He also loves to play video games during his downtime with genres such as Strategy, City-Builders, and MOBAs. When he’s not making spreadsheets or playing video games, you can catch Justyn making himself laugh or eating some oatmeal.


Chief of Random Thoughts & Erratic Activity

Jordan is the Chief of Random Thoughts & Erratic Activity for e-worc Web & New Media. She is a hard-headed and determined social butterfly that usually answers the office phone and makes changes/updates for clients. She is especially passionate about causes and organizations that prevent animal abuse and neglect. You can catch her dressing up her pups and spoiling them, and rescuing other pups and kittens that need some TLC. Her favorite words are “It’s not my fault,” although she claims this is not her personal motto (it is).


Captain Creative

Michael is the funny, motivated and strategic Captain Creative of e-worc Web & New Media. Some of his primary duties include video production and the occasional photo shoot. A few people he truly admires in this world is Elon Musk, for his constant innovation; Gary Vee and Donald Miller, for their priceless words of motivation. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find him at home playing with his small human (aka baby). His go-to literature piece is Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist,” a beautiful story that gets him fired up about life and business every time he reads it.


Jolly Llama

Blake considers himself a thankful human being that loves to learn…everything. He’s the one to call for everything Tech-related at e-worc Web & New Media. As a kid, Blake earned the nickname “Blake the Snake” for being a total meanie. Nowadays, he takes after his spirit animal– The Majestic Llama– for being friendly, having endurance, and imagining he could kill Wile E Coyote with his mighty hooves thus finally saving Roadrunner. You won’t catch him ruminating on grass but you will catch him seriously scarfing down some yummy seafood.



Ashley is the friendly, funny and outgoing office minion at e-worc Web & New Media. She preoccupies herself with data entry and bookkeeping when she’s not running errands for Michelle, the Boss Lady. Ashley prides herself for her stunning eyeballs and her sense of humor. You can easily befriend Ashley if you are kind and loyal. She’ll also make you her best friend forever if you are into anthropology and especially if you share her affinity for the TV show “Bones.”


Security Pup

Oakley is the goofy, noisy and friendly Office Security Pup. He prides himself in providing quality entertainment and protection for the office crew. His favorite hero is Air Bud because he paved the way for dogs in the high school sports arena. If there’s one thing Oakley strongly advocates, it is the right to be given more treats throughout the day. Oakley’s personal motto: “RUFF.”

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