Stop Selling and Start Connecting on LinkedIn

We all avoid that guy. You know the guy at the networking event or luncheon that just can’t stop selling. He just walks up to random people and puts a business card in their hand and tells them what he sells and how he can help them solve all of their business problems. He, of course, hasn’t taken the time to find out who they are and what they do and what their business is. Maybe he’s a narcissist, maybe he just doesn’t know any better. Still, we all avoid him.

Social Media can be the same way. It’s a networking and learning opportunity for you and your followers. Think about the amount of knowledge you have about your product and how it relates to the industries you serve. Communicate that. Help people solve problems, answer questions. Share information from other sources that you subscribe to – trade magazines, industry events, companies you serve and that serve you. This is how you socialize and build relationships in your industry and with your customers. They will reach out to you when they have a problem to solve if they believe you can solve it.

I’m not saying it isn’t ok to post about your products and services, just don’t do it every time you log on. Be interesting and engaging. It’s so much more important in building relationships and in making sales. We’ve all heard the adage – “People buy from people they trust.” It’s your job to help people trust your product knowledge.