Marketing a marketing company is hard

You would think that would be kind of easy. I mean, we do marketing and advertising. Communicating that to a consumer would seem to be fairly easy to do EXCEPT it isn’t. Everyone’s marketing strategy is a bit different. You have the obvious differences in business to consumer vs. business to business. Then, you have the not so obvious differences in just preference.

Maybe you have a dentist on one side of town who does general dentistry. He wants to market to potential new patients in a 25 mile radius. He prefers family dentistry and refers out the more complicated procedures. There’s another dentist who focuses on cosmetics or surgical procedures and he can pull from a larger geographical area and most of his patients are a bit older. Now, you have two similar businesses with very different strategies.

Business to Business is a completely different animal – say you’re marketing to sell a stainless steel industrial part that could be used in Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Automotive Manufacturing and Biopharmaceutical production. You have ONE product that can be marketed MANY ways.

As an advertising agency, we do all of this – website development, digital media, social media management, print design, printed materials, outdoor, television, radio, cable, promotional items, marketing strategy and consulting, tradeshow graphics and management, video production, photography, graphic design… you see how this can go on forever? How do we market that?

We do EVERYTHING. We just don’t do everything for everyone because they don’t need it. If you ever want to just have a conversation about your strategy, we like doing that. If we can help you create or strengthen your business – we certainly will.

Michelle Crowe, CEO