Marketing to Industrial Purchasers using LinkedIn

If you work in the industrial sector, you know marketing is a little tough sometimes. The process of purchasing has multiple layers and the buyer is sometimes hard to reach. People are busy and the chances of getting face-to-face with a decision maker are slim. Here are 3 tips for marketing to industry professionals through LinkedIn…

1. LinkedIn – You’re here, I’m here and so are a lot of industry professionals. Share information that is important to your audience by way of your news feed. Position yourself as an expert in what you do. If you have knowledge that can make your connection’s work life a little easier – share it.

2. When a connection has a work anniversary or a birthday, don’t use the pre-written “Congrats on the anniversary. Hope you’re doing well”. Imagine how many of those are coming through. Be personal. “Congratulations John on the work anniversary. It was nice meeting you at the _____ trade show last month. I hope you succeeded in solving that staffing issue we discussed. Have a great day!”

3. This one almost goes without saying. Join industry related groups and participate in the conversations. This is not a place to sell your product. It’s a place to share knowledge and get to know your connections. If you do this well, they will find you.

Online networking is not that different than traditional networking. Know when to talk and know when to Stop Talking and Sell Something!