Should you have a blog on your website?

No one wants to read a blog.  Often times when working with a new client on their website, they ask me “Should we have a blog?”.  No.  If you’re blogging for blogging-sake, then no.  No one wants to read forced content that you are putting on your website just to be “fresh and new”.

However, if you have something to say or you have timely information that you’re going to share on a committed basis then, by all means, let’s set up that blog.

What should I blog about?

Consumers are constantly searching for answers to questions.  If you can provide those answers, then you should.  Once that consumer is interacting with you (by reading this very informative content you’ve provided) then the next logical step will be to contact you when they need the product or service that they are researching.

How often should you blog?

The answer to this question is the same as the answer to the first one. Blog when you have something to say.  Don’t schedule the writing of a weekly blog and then end up putting out wedding photos of staff because you have nothing to talk about.  If you are in the staffing industry and new employment law guidelines have been released – write a blog.  If you are in healthcare and new treatment options have been released for your specialty, write a blog.

How do you write a blog if you are an awful writer? 
If you are not a very good writer and you need a blog, remember there are really great writers out there. They may know very little about your practice area.  If you can provide the purpose of the article and talking points – bulleted lists are fine – then a good writer can turn that into something interesting and readable.

Now, ask yourself the same question we started with “Should I have a blog on my website?”.